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This Wiki is about the famous MrSheepCo and his Minecraft adventures. He is currently living in Canada, Oklahoma and opposes biting thumbs at the opposition.

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Love Life Edit

MrSheepCo is married to MrsSheepCo and has had two children with her. He has had many side "flings" with many other YouTuber's like OffensiveGen and PixelHunter, though they were short lived the sheep said he, "learned a lot" and doesn't regret a thing from his relationships with them.

Youtube Edit

After creating his first YouTube channel in April of 2013 he uploaded his first video October 13 2013. This was a truly monumental event on YouTube. In November 2015 he passed one thousand subscribers on a BETA YouTube stream. This was another truly monumental event.

Latest activityEdit

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    New page: Blue Team is OP
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    Hi I would like to ask you a question... 1) How did it feel to lose to the Jack Spero channel? 



    Jspero77 wrote:Hi I would like to ask you a question... 1) How did it feel to lose to the Jack Spero channel? Good. 

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  • new page Harrizu
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    New page: MrSheepCo is harrizu's only subscriber. He plays Much Arena a game on heartstone, and when not doing youtube, harrizu tends Harry's Bar. Harry is one...
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  • new page FullStack Charity UHC
    created by Mrsheepco
    New page: The FullStack Charity UHC was a round of the Mindcrack created gamemode Ultra Hardcore, where you cannot regenerate health, and will not respawn. You...
  • new page Sheep's Peeps
    created by Jspero77
    New page: Sheep's Peeps contains a list of many people that MrSheepCo can say that he's their friend. Starting off the Sheep's Peeps is the marble racer Jack...
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  • new page Hardcore Season 1
    created by Mrsheepco
    New page: The Hardcore Series was a series created by MrSheepCo inspired by Ickabodx's Hardcore series. The goal is to kill the Ender Dragon and the Wither...

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