The FullStack Charity UHC was a round of the Mindcrack created gamemode Ultra Hardcore, where you cannot regenerate health, and will not respawn. You are spread across a 2000x2000 map and must gather resources before heading to 0,0 to fight other teams. MrSheepCo was a part of the FullStack representative team, "Too Pink to Think", featuring Golfhaus, Jopie_theYellow, and Stressmonster. Within the first 20 minutes, the team had dealt friendly fire with swords to each other to harm each other, and Henry the chicken was found in that UHC in a cave. Team Too Pink To Think didn't make any kills that season, whilst tunneling into the red teams base, and fighting them. The UHC was a part of the FullStack Hope for Nepal Charity Livestream in support of a Nepalian orphanage that was affected by the Nepal earthquakes.

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